My Daily Development

My Daily Development

Bring more meaning to your life. Break out of your routine. Get inspired.

A Quick Intro

The Quest for “meaning”

Welcome to my site where my aim is to share with you insights and discoveries from my personal journey, so that you can hopefully benefit from them and take your own journey to new heights. I hope to bring you useful information on skills and habits that exist in our world today and that can help you make your life more fulfilling.

My site is NOT about discussing any spiritual belief to bring enlightenment… Absolutely NOT! It is about presenting and discussing skills that you can incorporate within your life in order to find “meaning” through your journey.

Does it feel like you’re stuck in a constant routine in your life and you’re not sure how to break free? You have tried to add “hobbies” and find “interests”, but none of them seem to fill that void? Are you looking for meaning in your life? Do you regularly find yourself wondering about your purpose on this Earth? Well I was in that place and I know it can be difficult and even bring about feelings of depression. I wasn’t sure about anything anymore even though I had several good things going for me in my life. I just needed more! But what?!!

My name is Nick. I am French with Syrian background and heritage. Eldest of three brothers. I am happily married with three children (2 boys and a girl). I lived away from my parents and brothers (and even extended family!) for most of my adult life. I have an electrical engineering degree, and an MBA.

I am stuck in the corporate rat race (for 20 years now!) trying to make sense of my life and find meaning.

I have hit my Forties, and I am not satisfied with where I am because I feel and know there is more to what I could be achieving. I know there is simply just more to life.

Do you feel the same ?

I was feeling bored most of the time, and un-inspired. I couldn’t understand the reason for it: I had a great family, a decent job, good friends, and I was in pretty good shape and health. I could afford to take my wife out to a fancy dinner every now and then, and go on a fun family vacation once a year. I could afford to buy myself whatever I was reasonably wanting, and the same for my immediate family.

But at the same time, I felt there was a part of me that was empty. There was a void I needed to fill. A question I needed to answer.

First I looked to fill this void with big boys toys, and new hobbies. I went extreme on a couple of them and I even started wake-boarding. I love it even though I injured myself a couple of times. It is an extreme sport (and I am not saying I am good at it, but I am trying!) But that was not filling the void. The more I did and the more I found myself I wanted to do… but the void was still there! I continued to be dissatisfied and feeling there was something missing deep down inside. Something more meaningful than all of the things I was getting myself into which seemed more physical and materialistic than anything else. My mind and my heart were still searching for something “bigger”.

Following all of these experiences, I recently started to invest time and money in multiple training seminars and books to learn more things and expand my horizons. It is not easy doing that with the responsibilities I have pushed myself into (like anyone really who is juggling between a career and a family). My eyes started to open gradually to a different way to get inspired, find more meaning, and get excited again about the road ahead.

Before starting to invest in myself, I was waiting for my company to invest on my training and development. You know… we all have this expectation that our company should invest in training programs, and that we should benefit from them. And many companies do that, and it did happen for me, and I am grateful for it. But that is no where near enough if you really want to develop yourself.

I have come to realize that investing in your own self-development is highly critical. One must seek out teachers and mentors, and spend the right amount of time, effort and money on it. No matter what stage of development one is at. It is a continuous journey that I can’t afford to stop or put on hold so that I don’t fall back into the dreadful feeling of not having a purpose. That’s the simple “secret”, but there is more to it: it doesn’t just realize itself even if you come to the realization that continuous self-development is the answer. It needs continuous effort and taking daily actions to build habits, shape your character, and achieve that Destiny you are so willing to go after.

Midlife crisis?!

You can surely call it that if you want. That’s probably what it was! For me, it was just a wake up call …

But the point is: I really felt there was more to life in general, and I was asking myself the question “Have I done the right choices in my life up until now?”. This question can be quite discouraging, because the immediate question following it is “Would my life have been better if I had done this, or that differently?!”. So I started questioning more and more things, and trying to find meaning, and a new direction.

With these questions constantly on my mind, I inevitably went to this grey zone where I have the feeling of being lost, or at least not knowing if my way is the right way, or simply, the way I want to continue on!

But the scariest part of it is being afraid of going through life like this and then looking back with regret. That is the one thing I did not want to happen to me.

Do you want to wake up one day and realize that you let your life pass by when you could have made it that much more amazing and fulfilling?

I know I am a responsible person. I have made some nice accomplishments until now that I am proud of. I have a sense of security because I have a stable income. BUT I am questioning if I want to continue down the path I have set out for myself, if I should continue trying to climb that corporate ladder which seems (and is!)  harder and harder to climb, or simply, if I really want to continue with this seemingly boring routine I have created for myself. In the meantime, I must also be able to continue paying the mortgage I have subscribed to, and to be able to continue paying off all the other responsibilities I have put on my shoulders (children, extended family, other…). So many questions, and so much to consider !

Do you relate to any of this?

It is a tough place to be in, and the crazy part is that I did not even know what the real cause was. I know that this feeling of “not knowing what is missing” can bring anxiety, but what kept me in denial was the fact that I am a relatively strong person and managed to deal with the anxiety. But I couldn’t deny it was there! And I couldn’t deny it was making me anxious, and it was leading me to miss out on many precious moments in life…

All of this really hit me when my best friend’s father got to retirement. With all due respect, boy I really felt the lack of purpose he was feeling and the regret that came out from that. He also had done “a good life” for himself working at a corporate job and being faithful to his company till the end. He managed to provide for his family and secure a house for himself for his retirement. But I didn’t feel he was leaving a legacy behind or even continuing on a path of meaningfulness. He was full of regret and pessimism in his conversations, and I kept telling myself: I do not want to end up this way!

Recently, through my own investment into my training with time, effort and money, I have been lucky enough to find a new way of development and bring more meaning into my life to get me excited about my future again, and not just simply living the “secured” life I had until now (yes this is another story we will leave for later! Our sense and perception of security in the corporate world, which really is on very thin ice). I have humbly made some discoveries and progress, and realized that the journey is a continuous one. Self development is not a target you are after! It is a continuous journey you must undertake. That is simply the base for building the better life you are after and bring purpose within it.

If you are anything like me, I know you will benefit from the insights and training I went through. I managed to build skills that allow me to do things I didn’t imagine I could do or that I would ever do, but they helped me develop and think bigger. I don’t pretend that I am holding The Truth, but I am confident and convinced about my beliefs which I happily share with you, along with links and suggested readings so that you can build Your Own Truth and make your own informed decisions.

My ambition is to provide you with tips and recommendations drawn from my own experience, readings, and research, to hopefully help you in your own personal journey. I have managed to incorporate new habits and skills into my life that helped me break away from my routine and bring some meaningful excitement into my life, something I was desperately looking for for some time. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, or even that I was actually looking for something! But I am glad I finally found it.

Are you ready to jump right in ? If so, I recommend you get started with some free material I will be sending you to understand more what opportunities are out there to help you build the right frame of mind to feel excited about life and build your own project that brings purpose to you. When you bring value to you and to others, that is when you feel full of purpose. The set of videos you will receive will show you how to build a new base for yourself online that will revolve around your passions. You will feel renewed and excited. I know I did.

So if you’re ready, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:

If you feel this is not for you or if you have not resonated with any of my story so far, please don’t take it further as it will be a waste of your time. I will be happy to have you again once you are ready.

On the other hand, if you do decide to continue with me, please know that at anytime along the way, you can reach out to me (Contact link at top of page) and I will do my best to answer any question you might have.

I am glad and excited you have landed here and sincerely hope I can be of value to you. Wishing you an enjoyable reading full of benefits. I also invite you to read the posts in my blog page in this site, and to get to know more about me in My Story tab. In all cases, I invite you to take daily actions for your continuous development and I hope I can bring some insights into your journey, so that you can bring more meaning into your life, break your routine, get inspired, and take it forward.

To our Daily Development,