Where I’m coming from…

…and more importantly, where I would like to go!

Finding Meaning…

After 20 years of corporate life, mostly in the same company, building gradually my status through multiple positions, responsibilities and countries, I was surprisingly not feeling accomplished! My focus at work was consuming so much of my time and keeping me away from the persons I wanted to be with, especially my family, and also keeping me away of the things I wanted to be doing more of, like my hobbies and interests.

I had managed to climb up the corporate ladder to a decent position, with sales and marketing management expertise, coupled with industrial, supply chain and finance experience. The work was interesting and the company quite enjoyable to work for.

But I felt there was something missing. Something big and important. There was a void I needed to fill, but wasn’t sure why or how.

In parallel, I was on a slow and downward spiral of criticism and dissatisfaction!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a positive, curious, and optimistic person by nature, and I still did enjoy life and tried to make the best of it. But I was feeling more frustrations mounting in me, and I was being more and more critical of the world around me.

I was becoming judgmental, and that was leading me to be dissatisfied with the way others behaved around me, because I thought they should be behaving better (how presumptuous of me!), but it was also leading me to be frustrated most of the time, because despite my efforts to change the people around me to fit the “vision” I had of them and of the world, the needle wasn’t really moving in the direction I wanted it to move!

Deep down, I had the feeling there was much more to life, and that it was passing me by. I needed to find new meaning. I needed a new purpose.

My Origins and Values…

I come from a Syrian family, but I have never actually lived in Syria. I have visited it many times in the past, that is before the very unfortunate events that started in 2009-2010 and that pushed the country into chaos with so many people suffering and dispersed around the world. I have not been there in many years now, but I did like it very much.

I feel very fortunate to have this heritage in me and am very proud of it. I especially like the generosity shown and demonstrated in hosting family, friends and others, and this is something that really defines me. I truly enjoy hosting and being around people.

Also, family values are so important to the Syrian culture and the Arab culture in general and I hold these values very high.

I am the eldest brother of 3 boys. I love my brothers but I don’t see them regularly at all since each one of us is living in a different country. My first brother lives in New York, USA, with his wife and daughter, and my second brother lives in Toulouse, France, with his wife and 3 little boys.

I spent the bigger part of my life in the Gulf region, between Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Doha in Qatar, but I also lived and studied in Beirut, Lebanon, and in Paris, France. Those were great days! Learning and feeling the world was yours! I am sure you can remember those days too, right?

I hold the French citizenship and have lived abroad most of my life. My favorite city remains Paris, even if I was very fortunate to visit many other fantastic places around the world. I love Paris for the architecture and grandeur, for the many wonderful places you can visit, and for the very rich history it holds.

I am fortunate to be married to a beautiful and highly understanding wife, and I am blessed with three wonderful children (2 boys and a girl), which by itself is a workload (yet a highly enjoyable one!). I must admit that my wife handles most of this workload as I am stuck at work very often. I am so grateful for her efforts and presence.

Coming back to finding meaning…

As I was saying earlier, I found myself growing relatively successfully within the corporate life, but my anxiety levels were also growing in a way that affected me, and affected my immediate family, without me being aware of it. I am not talking about the stress that comes from added responsibility although there was a lot of that. I think I was handling this type of stress rather well.

My anxiety levels were growing because I didn’t really know my purpose in life anymore. My frustrations kept growing and kept covering new topics because I was focusing on the wrong things. I thought many things in this life were not right and should be better, especially the behavior of some people around me, and that was triggering negative reactions from my part in the form of criticism and frustration.

My intentions were good, in the sense that I hoped for improvement of behavior and society in general (a bit presumptuous again, huh?!), which ranged from posture, to driving, to articulating while talking, to getting to the point, and many, many more… but that seemed to just bring frustration to me, without really resolving anything!

Revelation finally came my way. Lately, I have come to realize that the workload is actually myself: that I need to work on my own development to improve myself first, rather than try to improve others!

One aspect of working on myself was precisely accepting others the way they are! But also and more importantly, setting my vision for my own life and working on it.

So My Daily Development came about in the areas of general personal development, health and fitness, overall skill set, and more importantly mindset. And I think that is what everyone should realize (not about me, but about each one of us!). That it all starts with you and your mindset.

One must work on her/himself first, to be able to go about everything else around in the best way…

There are so many things out there to discover and work on. This world is quite complex, and it helps working at it step by step, but in a diligent and constructive way. Successful people aren’t just born successful, and they surely haven’t developed their skills and success overnight. Building skills and success takes patience, focus, and constant work. Every successful person has gone through this, although we just see the end result and we wish we can be the same, quickly!

It is a Daily Development that we must all undertake, building the right habits step by step, and anchoring in the right actions to improve and build momentum gradually. There is no magic pill. There is no get rich quick scheme (or scam!). There is no secret formula.

Committed to my journey of self-development, I am an ordinary guy trying to be all that I can be by digging deeper into myself, my life, and everything I can think of around me. So please come join me in My Daily Development and make your own path forward.